Tips for taking on a trekking challenge

Thank you on behalf of everyone at Battersea for choosing to take on a trekking challenge to raise money for the dogs and cats in our care. You are embarking on an exciting journey with Team Battersea and this guide is here to help kickstart your adventure and support you every step of the way.

Trekking is an amazing way to embrace nature and see the beauty a place has to offer. It’s also a great way to get to know other people taking part in the event, because unlike a running or cycling challenge, you can chat and learn about why other people are trekking with you. Although many people see treks as ‘a long walk’, this is not the case and it is vital you train and prepare yourself for the distance you will be covering. Here are some of our top tips for preparing for a trek:


1. Footwear

It is vital that you have the most appropriate walking boots for your trek. Preferably with ankle support and a stiff heel counter to give you lateral support. Also remember to wear your shoes in with plenty of time for your challenge, no one wants blisters! There will be an expert at your local outdoor shop to help you choose the right pair.


2. Socks

Investing in good quality walking socks will help stop any rubbing. They are just as important as your footwear.


3. Clothing

When trekking, it’s best to have a layering system to help you adapt to changing weather and your body temperature. Start with a base layer made of synthetic fibres to draw moisture from the skin. Then an insulating layer such as a fleece to keep you warm and finally, an outer layer such as a breathable waterproof to protect you from the elements.


4. Backpack or rucksack

A proper backpack with a waist and chest strap will ensure that weight is distributed evenly across your back to avoid injury. This will be needed to store your water, snacks, camera, first aid kit and any extra layers.

5. Train and rest!

Ensuring you have thoroughly prepared physically for your trek will mean you can enjoy the experience and your surroundings as much as possible. Walk on different terrains and gradients to get your muscles prepared, ensuring you cool down thoroughly after each session. Showing friends/family all the training you’ve done will also motivate them to sponsor you.


Things to keep you going

We thought it would be helpful to signpost you to some of our favourite apps and websites. Most of the time they’re free to access, and help you keep track of your progress on the go! We also love podcasts – these are great when you’re training and want something different to music or even when you’re commuting and want to listen to something to keep you motivated!



Strava is the number one app for trekking, running and cycling, this will enable you to see all your training sessions and share your progress with friends and family.


Happy place by Fearne Cotton

Featuring a series of interviews with inspirational people, on The Happy Place Fearne and her guests discuss life, love, loss and what happiness means to them.


The Journal by Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Traveller's website has some great articles to read about trekking, with a ten-step trekking guide with handy hints and tips.


The Training for Trekking podcast by Rowan Smith

Does what it says on the tin! Rowan’s many podcast episodes cover training tips, nutrition, motivation and many other popular trekking topics.