In loving memory of Bungle

In loving memory of Bungle

1999 - 2016

It's hard missing him so much every day but I'd take him home again in second if I could.

I knew as soon as I saw him first thing in the morning he wasn't right so made an emergency appointment for him to see his vet. He was first unwell just before Christmas. We did everything to keep him happy and comfortable, but on this visit his vet said those words ... those words that mean your home will never be the same again, the greeting will never be the same at your front door, his massive meow will never wake you up during the night for a cuddle, those words that mean your home will never again be the home where Bungle is.

Bungle was aged around 15 or 16 when we brought him home, who'd have known it would be for 14 short months? He was adored, we couldn't have loved him more. Speaking for myself I don't know when my heart will stop feeling so sad or when I will stop looking for him as I open the front door. I knew it was his tea he wanted but he always let me give him kisses and cuddles first. He was my first rescue cat and holds a special place in my heart which will be his forever. I miss you my lovely little boy, and always will.

Loved by JOANNE.