In loving memory of Charlotte

In loving memory of Charlotte

2005 - 2013

We only had dear Charlotte for two and a half years, but the dent she made in my heart was enormous.

Such a placid sweet little girl, whose face I fell in love with when I first saw her on your website in June 2011.

Charlotte has been with us for two and half years, and a sweeter little soul I have never met. I know that when we adopted her the staff at Brands Hatch were thrilled as they loved her and were so pleased she was rehomed.

It has not been easy for her, in February 2012 she had major ear surgery and three teeth extractions. The staff were wonderful, she stayed for two weeks, and despite her frailty and age she pulled through. We were allowed to visit her and could not thank the vet and staff enough for such dedication and kindness.

Charlotte has been treated for hyperthyroidism for a couple of years now, but over the last couple of weeks she became very agitated and restless, and as she got worse I had to take her back to the vets to say a final goodbye.

My heart is breaking, but I could not watch her suffer any longer. I so hope she was happy with us, we did all we could to make her stay with us comfortable and she was so very loved.

I am so very sad, and will miss her dreadfully for she was, without a doubt, the most gentlest little cat I have ever known. Now she can run free and feel young again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Every pet is special, but she was extra special and I am so glad she chose to live with us in her autumn years.

Loved by KATHLEEN.