In loving memory of Claude

In loving memory of Claude

2016 - 2019

Claude was awesome.

He was a rescue cat and only with us for a short period of time, but he made a big impression and will be sadly missed.

Like a lion, Claude loved being part of the pride. He loved dinner parties and kids play dates. He loved kids story time. He would talk to our neighbours and almost anyone that walked past the house. He loved being around lots of people and getting to be part of the action.

Also like a lion, Claude was happy to let his sister Scarlet (the lioness) do the hunting. He enjoyed the easy life instead and was content to lie on heated floor, or the bed, or someone's lap - often flat on his back, purring away. He wasn't too proud to beg, or steal his sister's food, and the nickname "Fatso" was a term of endearment.

Claude was tragically hit by a car outside our house. Our neighbours, a vet and the RSPCA tried to save him but couldn't.

He died as he had lived - as the centre of attention.