In loving memory of Eddie

In loving memory of Eddie

2004 - 2017

We rescued Eddie from Battersea in 2008. He was found wandering the streets of Wandsworth.

He could hold his bladder and loved his toys. He would always look out the window when you weren't there waiting for you and was happy to sleep as he got older. The most powerful word in his dictionary was Walkies. And the minute he hears it he would go running to his lead and sit waiting for it to be put on. Other dogs didn't like him much, maybe because he considered himself a ladies man and had a few close calls with other females.

Despite developing Diabetes and having to give him injections twice a day for a few years, watching him decline and need assistance to climb up steps was hard. But worth it. I wouldn't have changed him for the world, and he will always be in my heart.

Eddie... Possessor and destructor of toys and exhibitionist... Much loved member of the family.

Miss you boo boo xx

Loved by Lisa & Miriam