In loving memory of Ella

In loving memory of Ella

1998 - 2019

In loving memory of Ella, who passed on 11 June 2019, aged 21. Rescued at 17 - a sweet, brave, lovely, furry friend.

Ella had a miaow or squeak for everything. She’d greet me with an enormous squawk when I got home. If I walked towards her with arms outstretched, she’d miaow loudly twice before I scooped her up...

It took a while for her to trust. I learned to back out of rooms to stop her attacking my legs and she hid behind doors, ready to launch herself at my ankles. She had the strength of a 'staffie' and wouldn’t let go.

Soon after she came, I woke up to see her sat with her head out of the window, in a raging storm, watching the lightning. I knew then she was different!

Ella mostly slept on my bed, and while not a lap cat, wanted to sit as close as possible. She loved being stroked under her chin, where she had a black splodge...

So sorry for the way you passed, early that June morning.

Thank you for the love and fun. Remembered and much missed every day...

Loved by Christine