In loving memory of Fraggle

In loving memory of Fraggle

2014 - 2015

Our beautiful little Battersea dog Fraggle has passed away. We only had him for just under a year and he was our first ever dog, but we loved him beyond measure.

He had the most glorious year any dog could have. He had a family that doted on him and never had an hour alone. He brought so much joy into our lives with his playful loving nature and his absolute enthusiasm for everything.

He loved his garden, playing endless football and long daily walks off the lead around our riverside where he met lots of new friends. Everything was an adventure to Fraggle and he was always hopeful of the excitement that might happen in every day activities.

My family would like to thank you for rescuing our little boy and giving him into our care. We would've dearly loved many more years with him, but at least the time we had was full of joy and adventures for us all.

Loved by KARL.