In loving memory of Juno

In loving memory of Juno

2003 - 2019

Successfully rescued by us in 2009 so it makes perfect sense to make a tribute to her which will raise funds to rescue and eventually re-home other animals like her.

Juno adopted us really - she seduced my father when my parents went to the local centre which was great because my father also said he was going to have difficulty choosing among them! They packed her and another cat up and the rest they say is history! Interestingly, she and a second cat came to us after my grandmother died and my dad carried out her wish of donating to an animal rescue centre in her will.

Juno herself died in lockdown of old age ten years later so it's kind of come full circle and the perfect reason to keep Battersea incumbents safely sheltered in lockdown until they get their fur-ever homes. Juno was the Roman Queen of the Gods and Juno was certainly the queen of our household!

Loved by The Williams Family