In loving memory of Kip

In loving memory of Kip

2005 - 2018

I remember when we first met Kip.

I had seen this handsome boy on the Battersea website and just fallen in love. He was a boxer x mastiff and had the most amazing brindle fur.

When I made the enquiry, they said he was in the behaviour unit as he was possessive with food and toys. When we went to see him on our first visit and sat patiently, this giant bundle of energy came through the door charging around the room so excited to see us. We knew then he had to come home with us and on our second visit we got to leave with him.

In his later years he spent a lot of time walking with my dad, keeping him fit and active after several health problems and was such a loyal companion. He also came 4th in the Battersea Dog Reunion Show last year, following a big operation to remove a lump from his leg.

Kip bought so much joy to all of us and it was with real sorrow we had to let him go. He will always be remembered as loyal, and a gentle giant who bought so much happiness to all of us.