In loving memory of Mickey Slim

In loving memory of Mickey Slim

2004 - 2017

Mickey Slim (Slim as he lost 8kg in my care)

Formerly known as Mikey, was a senior staffy x , approx 11.5 years, who after spending 9 months at Battersea Old Windsor, was withdrawn, hugely overweight and depressed.

I had no intention of taking a dog that day. However, there was no reason not to. Poor Mickey didn’t even lift his head off the floor when we met. Very quickly he became my soul mate, true companion and reminded me that I too had a purpose in life. He was the kindest, most chilled and loving dog ever. Very quickly he started to regain his youthful zest for life.

We had 18 months of incredible friendship together. Fate brought us together that day. Mickey has given me the ability to go on to rescue another senior dog. My only regret is we didn’t meet sooner.

I love you handsome boy. See you in my dreams xx