In loving memory of Morgan

In loving memory of Morgan

2001 - 2016

Our lovely boy Morgan passed away this month.

He left his London abode for a life in the countryside of Essex and ran for miles around our village and further afield.

Our favourite memories of him are our walks to the pub for beer and crisps (only crisps for him as he used to order his own water from the bar!); his fantastic sense of smell, even at the end he could sniff out pheasants in the crop fields around our house and the day just after we got him when he thought he could walk on water, fell in a stream and had to be fished out green and covered in duck weed. He never cared much for water after that, needless to say.

We will miss his great personality. We had 11 years of his great company at home and on caravan holidays. He was loved by all who met him and he will leave a huge hole in all our lives. Unfortunately all that rabbit and bird chasing left him with arthritis which became too much for him in the end.

Thank you to all at Battersea and to the people who gifted him in. We will always be grateful for sharing his life.