In loving memory of Muttley

In loving memory of Muttley

1999 - 2018

On August 8th 2018, we said goodbye to our crazy, beautiful fur (and 'first') baby, Muttley just shy of 19 years old.

For a little unwanted mongrel from Manchester via Battersea, he has had a good life. Friend to lots, family to some and foe to few, he has been very loved. We adored his manic ways, his buzzing energy and his unwavering loyalty.

Always smiling and always ready to chase a ball, he has followed us across plenty of fields and beaches and up hill and down valleys, even dabbling in a swim despite his twiglet legs. A TV star and a rosette winner!

Thank you for the 16 years of wonderful times, catches and memories, we could not have asked for more you wonderful, handsome and eccentric dog, our Mutts. You will be missed.

Keep chasing bubbles in the sky xxx