In loving memory of Pepsi

In loving memory of Pepsi

1999 - 2018

Until we meet again Pepsi, our dear Queen of Cats.

We re-homed Pepsi from Battersea Old Windsor when she was nearly 16 years old and had just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. She was a well loved cat and very chatty at our first visit.

I researched into looking after cats with kidney disease and I’m proud to say that we kept Pepsi stable for nearly three and a half years. She enjoyed a good quality of life, despite developing other elderly cat ailments. Everyone who met her fell in love with her and she was described as the ‘Queen of Cats.’

Pepsi was happiest when sunbathing, sleeping in her radiator bed, snuggling on a lap or trying to steal our food. She was very partial to beef sandwich slices, roast chicken and salmon. She even enjoyed going out for walks and would loyally trot by our side!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Pepsi earlier this year, a couple of months after her 19th birthday. We all miss her dearly but we’re so glad to have given her a happy retirement home by the sea.

Loved by MIRANDA & BILL.