In loving memory of Polly

In loving memory of Polly

2004 - 2017

My beautiful Lully Polly girl, we miss you so much.

We think of you everyday. Your barks for dinner at 5pm and barks for your chew.

Running in water, puddles your favourite play. Getting wet, running back and forth through streams and large areas of water logged fields.

I miss you laying next to me in bed then kicking me with your leg to say, mummy give me a tummy rub. I love you so much and won't ever forget you.

Charlie boy misses snuggling up in your bed with you. Chasing balls with you and rolling around on the grass with you.

We hope you are enjoying playing with all your friends and pain free. We look forward to seeing you over rainbow bridge when it is our turn. Wait for us at the start and we will run to you and all be together again.

R.I.P. my Lully bootiful girl at least no more vet visits. Xxxx