In loving memory of Roddy

In loving memory of Roddy

2003 - 2015

We had to say a very sad goodbye to our lovely dog Roddy last month, and miss him very much.

The 12 years since we first set eyes on him in the puppy kennels at Battersea have flown by.

He had all the very best attributes of a Battersea dog: he was kind, loyal, fun, and a true companion. Always ready for a game of ball, a long muddy walk, or a ride in the car, as long as he was with us he was happy.

Such a gentle and long-suffering dog, he shared his bed with a succession of hyperactive kittens, and then older cats, who adored him probably more than he loved them! Every visitor to the house would get an enthusiastic welcome in the hope that they would come and play with him in the garden.

Over the years he helped several children get over their fear of dogs, and was rewarded by their trust and love. Roddy brought us lifelong friends as well. He befriended a disparate group of dogs in our local park, some re-homed from Battersea. We soon bonded with their owners and over the years have shared many early morning dog walks, come rain or shine. Jodie, Leo, Max, Tintin, Archie, Ted, Rupert, Jules and Mr Bojangles will all miss you.

We are very proud of our handsome Battersea boy, and will never forget him.