In loving memory of Rosie

In loving memory of Rosie

2003 - 2014

We rehomed Rosie, a Borzoi Lurcher, in November 2003 at about 12-18 months old.

She was malnourished and you could see her ribs through her thick fur. In 2005, she entered several fun dog shows and was amazing, she flowed round the ring and achieved either a first or second place with a B.I.S. and a Reserve.

I have never owned such an amazing dog, but this all suddenly ended when she tried to chase a cat but hit chicken wire instead, breaking her neck. She was rushed to a specialist vet, where they operated, screwing her 3rd and 4th vertebrae back in position. She spent 19 days recuperating and re-learning how to walk.

After seven days in intensive care she was moved to a ward where I was allowed to visit. My first visit saw her covered with drips and tubes and as I bent down to say hello, she leant forward and gave me a lick on the nose; a thanks for coming.

When she came home she had to wear a harness as she could not stand up on her own. Even simple acts like going for a wee, she had to be harness held, as she would just fall over. Subsequently, she appeared in a 2009 calendar as Best Survivor and in 2012 returned to the specialist vets for their first open day, and won Best Survivor in the dog show.

At 12.5 years old, although she still had a weak right side and walked crooked, she enjoyed life to the full and never lost her 'wicked' sense of humour. Her favourite game was coming up behind you, putting her head through your legs and giving you a grin. Rosie was a great big lap dog and enjoyed nothing more than laying across you and the arms of the chair.

On Friday, 25 July, the morning started normally with a visit to the garden but after she came in she was sick and started whimpering occasionally. We carried her to her bed and even before the vet had left the surgery, Rosie passed away.

Considering her accident, when she was only given a 60% chance of walking again, she has given us great pleasure and was a joy to own.

May you rest in peace, dear Rosie.

Loved by GRAHAM & DIANA.