In loving memory of Stitch

In loving memory of Stitch

2007 - 2019

Stitch was a rescue from Old Windsor.

He was such a loving and caring Cat. In his younger years was an excellent hunter and would bring mummy lots of presents. He loved his catnip leaves that he would eat and then go crazy!!!

He loved spending time with his older brother Cameron, his mummy and human little sister and brother. He was very gentle and loved being played with. Chin and back scratches were a favourite and kisses on his little head and cheeks. He loved a cuddle, but was not a lap cat but loved lying in our chests when we were in bed, he did that the first night I had him. And joining us in the sofa.

After we moved to West Sussex he adjusted beautifully. He’d look on at our peaceful view from our balcony. And in time was happy to go out and explore. He’d also join us in the garden if we went down for a picnic or play. And join his mummy for sunbathing sessions.

Stitch we all miss you dearly and you’re always in our hearts. Thank you for being you and making our home a home.