In loving memory of Teddy

In loving memory of Teddy

2001 - 2015

Firstly may I start by way of a thank you; a thank you for introducing us to our Teddy.

Teddy came into our family from Battersea some 13 years ago and as a puppy loved nothing better than sleeping in the laundry basket.

Thankfully as the years went by he grew into his propeller-like tail, a tail he used with great affect and could often be heard hitting the floor like a bass drum whilst having a belly rub. He would play fetch forever and loved a long walk with a stick or a ball, a simple soul and the most wonderful family pet.

As Teddy grew older his enthusiasm for a ball or a belly rub didn’t diminish, although the same couldn’t be said for his hearing. Visible signs of ageing began to show, slowly he became a gentle older boy - still as playful and loving as ever, maybe just a little bit slower.

Thankfully he remained this way until recently when he became suddenly unwell. Following a short illness and with a very heavy heart we had to say goodbye to our Teddy, the most wonderful dog with whom we created some magical memories, memories we will hold onto forever.

Grateful for the wonderful life we shared and for that opportunity, as a family we will always be thankful to Battersea.

RIP Teddy 20/02/2015, sadly missed but eternally grateful.

Loved by STEVE.