Make or donate goods

There are lots of things our dogs and cats can use, so we're always on the look out for donations of new or used items from the list below. If you're feeling creative there are also lots of things that you can make for our animals.

Please remember that there are some items we can't use so before sending your donation please check this list.

We always need

  • 'Vetbed' (specialist dog bedding)
  • Dog toys - tough, durable, easily cleanable
  • Cat treats
  • Cat scratching posts
  • Cat toys - ping-pong balls
  • Cat igloo beds
  • Cat baskets (for transporting cats)
  • Indoor dog pens / crates
  • Dog treats (especially rawhides)
  • Dog coats (especially waterproof ones)
  • Dog leads, harnesses and 'gentle leaders'
  • Stereos and CD players for kennels
  • Training aids for dogs
  • Long lengths of climbing rope
  • Hard plastic kids' paddling pools for the summer
  • Hard plastic kids' toys like wendy houses for dogs to play in
  • Greyhound collars
  • Mobiles and wind chimes for kennels
  • Books about dogs and cats to further our staff's knowledge.

If you'd like to donate any of these items please post them or take them to one of our three centres.

We unfortunately cannot use

  • Dog or cat food - we feed all our residents a regular diet of premium food to keep them healthy - changing food can upset their stomachs
  • Newspapers
  • Old computer equipment, as it is not compatible with our computer system
  • Dirty or soiled items as this costs us money to launder before our animals can use them.

Support our work

Your donations help us to care for the thousands of animals who come into our Home every year.

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