Pepo's Story

22 Jun 2023

Pepo, a three-week-old kitten, made the long journey to Battersea gate’s after finding himself on his own without a place to call home.

Battersea’s clinical team performed an initial health check on Pepo and noticed he had recently suffered from cat flu. Sadly, Pepo had developed a cloudy eye as a result of his infection.

Even with the consistent love and care from Battersea’s team, it was unlikely that Pepo’s eye would be able to heal.


Providing him with the best chance at a happy life, Battersea’s clinical staff decided that his eye would be removed.

After his operation, Pepo was back on his feet in no time and keeping Battersea’s Cattery staff on their toes. Despite missing an eye, he coped well with his new outlook on life and was often seeing playing mischievously with his carers.

With his bold and inquisitive personality, staff knew it wouldn’t take him long to find a new home. Pepo has now found a loving new family where he can grow, play and explore the world.


By sponsoring a Battersea cat cabin you can give cats in need a safe and comfortable environment to thrive in before they find their forever homes.

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