Battersea Urges Owners to Neuter Their Pets, After Taking in Two Young Mums, One Pregnant Cat and Their Eleven Kittens

17 Jun 2024

Three young cats named Stellar, Celeste and Eclipse have spent their first birthdays in Battersea’s care after giving birth to a total of 11 kittens when they were barely more than kittens themselves, at just nine months old. The charity is using Stellar, Celeste and Eclipse’s stories to remind owners of the importance of neutering cats from a young age.

Heavily pregnant Stellar, Eclipse and Celeste were found together by a member of the public in their garden. By the time they had been brought to Battersea’s Old Windsor centre, both Stellar and Eclipse had given birth to their kittens, and staff didn’t have long to wait before Celeste gave birth to her own kitten in the cattery’s maternity unit.  

The unconventional feline family spent their first few weeks together, receiving round-the-clock expert and specialised care from dedicated staff members who put their socialisation plans in place. The time then came for the kittens to go and stay with foster carers to finish their carefully crafted socialisation plan in a home environment, while the young mother cats remained in the cattery to get some well-deserved rest. By staying with dedicated foster carers, the growing kittens were able to receive the one-on-one attention and care they needed to prepare them for their new lives as much-loved pets.  

Once the three mums were given more space in the cattery, staff assessed their needs and found their lively natures would be best suited to rural homes where they could be cared for whilst being given their own space to roam. The expert rehoming team at Battersea always look for the perfect home for each animal and their respective needs; some cats, like the celestial trio, are more independent than others and do not thrive as well in a typical family home. At Battersea, these cats are rehomed to places where they can live in a way that best suits them, such as farms, rural homes with outbuildings and even garden centres. Despite not being in a traditional family home, these cats still receive all the love and attention they deserve from their owners while being given the opportunity to come and go as they please.

After going through a thorough matching process, all three mums were rehomed to a farm in Kent where they can be found enjoying the fresh air. Six of the kittens have also found their new homes and are now spending their days purring on their new owners.  

Last year Battersea saw a significant increase in the number of kittens, puppies and young animals being brought to its centres, taking in a total of 451 dogs and 814 cats under six months of age across its three centres; up by 54 per cent for dogs (from 293 puppies in 2022) and 34 per cent for cats (up from 607 kittens in 2022). Battersea also saw 68 puppies and 66 kittens born in its care; showing a striking 79 per cent increase year-on year for puppies (up from 38 puppies in 2022).

These figures have been shared as the charity urges owners to consider neutering and spaying their pets to avoid unwanted pregnancies, as well as informing owners of the behavioural and medical benefits of neutering. 

Commenting on the celestial cat trios' story, Rehoming and Welfare Manager Sophie Angliss said: “Unfortunately it is not uncommon for us at Battersea to see cats like Stellar, Eclipse and Celeste, who are essentially still kittens themselves, having kittens of their own.” 

“Female cats can have their first season as early as four months old and can have multiple litters annually if not spayed. By neutering their cats, owners can help prevent unwanted litters and roaming behaviour in male cats and can reduce the risk of disease transmission and future health issues such as womb infections or cancers.”  

“Cats can also come into season again just six weeks after giving birth, so if a cat has had a recent accidental litter, it is crucial for its owners to speak to their vet to book a spay and prevent any further unwanted pregnancies” 

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Notes to editors  

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