Lonely Greyhound Searches for Home After 100 Days in Charity’s Care

26 Apr 2024

With thousands of dogs being cared for each year by Battersea, the charity sees canines of all shapes and sizes coming through its gates. To mark National Adopt a Greyhound Month this April, leading animal welfare charity, Battersea, is shining a light on a sweet and gentle Greyhound who has spent over 100 days in the charity’s care.

Five-year-old Alan came to Battersea in January has proved to be a friendly and loving dog who enjoys nothing more than leaning into his favourite people for a fuss and some well-earned neck scratches. However, despite his gentle nature, he is still waiting to find the right home.

Whilst the average stay for a dog at Battersea is 35 days, Greyhounds typically wait more than double the time (76 days) to find a home. Sadly, some dogs like Alan, can be in the charity’s care for even longer, reaching a 100-day milestone, but he never lets this dampen his jovial spirit.

Still a puppy at heart, Alan loves playtime and would happily spend his days chasing his favourite tennis balls or playing games with soft toys, followed by bundling up amongst some warm blankets for a rest. As Alan is still getting used to his own company and spending time with his human friends, he was matched with one of Battersea’s dedicated Foster Carers to help him settle into a home environment and spend plenty of quality time on the sofa so that he can get ready for his new home.

Sarah Hughes, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea, said: “Greyhounds like Alan are such loving dogs who make wonderful pets thanks to their gentle and relaxed nature, but are often overlooked as they are perceived as high energy dogs who need lots of exercise. However, typically they will have short bursts of energy followed by a nice long snooze in their favourite cosy spot; Alan’s loves to snuggle on the sofa or spend time chilling upside down in his bed!

“Although we have all become very fond of Alan during his time here, and he has proven to be a wonderful dog, we really want him to find his own family and we’re hoping to find his perfect match. Here at Battersea, we go all in for the rescue animals we care for like Alan who need a second chance in life, wherever they are and however they need us. We hope the right family will open their hearts and their home for this lovely boy.”

Alan is looking for a family who will be able to spend lots of quality time with him and build up his alone time slowly. In his new home, he would also love access to his own private garden where he can stretch his legs and explore to his heart’s content. 

If you are interested in rehoming Alan, find out more on the Battersea website.


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Notes to editors  

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