Jack Russells Among Top 5 Dogs To Be Rehomed At Battersea As They Become New Pets Of Royal Residence

25 Apr 2023

With Her Majesty The Queen Consort’s very own Battersea Jack Russell Terriers Beth and Bluebell taking up residence in the Royal Household, the leading animal welfare charity’s latest figures reveal that Jack Russells were among the top 5 most popular breeds to be rehomed from its three centres last year.

Whilst most people who rehome a dog from Battersea don’t have an expectation when it comes to breed, when they meet the loveable Jack Russell Terriers in Battersea’s care, new owners fall in love with their cheeky personalities and adventurous nature.  

Rebecca Verne, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea, said: “We see many different dogs of all shapes and sizes coming into our centres every day, including many Jack Russell Terriers who are happy, energetic dogs who love spending quality time with their human companions. At Battersea, rescue is our favourite breed, so it’s fantastic to see rescue animals in the spotlight in the Royal Household. Not only does this shine a light on how lovely Jack Russell Terriers are, but more importantly, how great rehoming a rescue animal is. They may not be perfect, but they are definitely worth it!”

Every animal who comes through Battersea's gates has a unique character, quirks and lots of love to give. Dedicated staff at each of the leading animal welfare charity’s three centres work tirelessly to help them on their journey to find loving homes that suit their individual characters and needs.

Among the dogs who have found a loving new home thanks to Battersea was Dustin, a four-month-old Jack Russell Terrier who arrived at the charity’s Old Windsor centre after being found abandoned on a bridge with a severe skin condition and covered in scabs and sores. Battersea’s expert Clinic team quickly got to work, giving Dustin specialised treatment and soothing baths, which meant he was soon healing and slowly transformed from a timid Terrier to a bouncy puppy, allowing his charming personality to shine through.

After a month in Battersea’s care being nursed back to health and building his confidence, Dustin was ready to find a home fit for a king and it wasn’t long before he met his new owners, Paul and Emma.

They said: “Since we brought him home, Dustin has settled in so well. He’s such an endearing, playful character; he loves to play fetch and is happy to spend hours in the garden with us chasing and returning his tennis balls and squeaky toys. He is gradually putting on more weight and his fur is growing back beautifully with lots of pampering and shampoo baths.

“It’s been so rewarding to see Dustin’s progress and we are so thankful to Battersea for taking the time to care for him and being so helpful throughout the rehoming process. We didn’t come looking for a Jack Russell Terrier, but Dustin definitely chose us and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him now.”

For more information about how to rehome an animal like Dustin or to donate to Battersea, please visit: https://www.battersea.org.uk/


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Notes to editors  

  • At Battersea we offer our love and expert care to dogs and cats who need us by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals at our centres, and by sharing our knowledge and resources with rescue organisations around the world. We do this because we want to help every dog and cat, everywhere.  
  • In 2022 Battersea directly cared for 2,278 dogs and 2,253 cats at our three centres. We also helped thousands more through our Communities programme, campaigning work, supporting other rescue centres and animal welfare advocates, and sharing knowledge and advice with pet owners. 
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