Rescue Me: Dog Abandoned While Pregnant Finds Forever Home Thanks to Battersea

14 Sep 2023

A pregnant dog who was found abandoned in a London park with a broken leg, has finally found a loving new home thanks to leading animal welfare charity, Battersea.

A pregnant dog who was found abandoned in a London park with a broken leg, has finally found a loving new home thanks to leading animal welfare charity, Battersea.   

Four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Cross, Lola, was found in a distressed state by a dog warden and after dramatically giving birth in the middle of the night to two pups, she and her litter were taken to Battersea’s London centre where the charity’s veterinary team sprang into action to give Lola urgent fracture repair surgery after discovering she had a serious injury to one of her front legs.   

Over the following weeks, Battersea’s expert teams were on hand to help Lola’s leg heal, build her confidence and give her and her two young pups River and Rain some much-needed TLC. 

After undergoing special physio training, Lola went to stay with one of Battersea’s dedicated foster carers who helped the brave mum spend some quality time peacefully tending to River and Rain.  

Once Lola was ready, and with River and Rain having found loving new homes, then it was time for the courageous canine to find new owners of her own after almost three months in Battersea’s care.   

Louise Goodbody, Kennel Team Leader at Battersea, said: “Poor Lola and her pups had really been through a tough start in life, but this resilient little lady took everything in her stride and despite her trying ordeal she proved to be such a sweet girl who has charmed everyone she meets. We’re so happy that there were loving new owners out there for Lola who were able to offer her a home, especially this September when we’re championing our amazing rescues and celebrating the joy they bring to our lives”.  

Luckily for Lola, Diana and Ray Kemp fell head over heels for the young lady who was soon happily playing in their garden and snoozing in her favourite spot on their sofa.   

Speaking about welcoming Lola in their lives, Diana said: “From the moment she came into our house, it was like she knew she had come home. She loves getting fuss and attention from people who come to see her. She really is queen bee around here and it’s such a joy to give her the happiness she deserves after all she’s been through. We’d like to thank Battersea for being there for rescues like Lola that need that second chance in life”.  

This September the much-loved charity is asking pet lovers everywhere to support Battersea’s ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’, an opportunity for pet owners and supporters to come together and show their love for rescue dogs and cats who really need a second chance in life, both here in the UK and around the world. To find out more about ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’ please visit the Battersea website here:


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