Battersea's very own Taylor awaits his love story after 100 days at rescue

18 Jun 2024

As thousands across the country head to Wembley for the capital’s ‘event of the year’, Battersea’s very own Taylor, an eight-year-old Domestic Short-hair cat, is hoping to find his own love story after spending more than four months in the charity’s care.

Taylor arrived at Battersea in February when a change in circumstances meant his previous owners could no longer care for him. The cattery team were enchanted to meet the sweet tabby, but despite his handsome looks and love of a fuss, Taylor has been in the charity’s care for over 130 days, more than 4 times longer than the average stay.

Grace Oliver, Cattery Team Leader at Battersea, said: “Taylor is such a sweet boy who is hoping to find a family who he can lie on and rely on. He is a gentle soul who thrives in human company, whether that be spending his days chasing his string toys or curling up on your lap and purring in delight. Though he may not be performing your favourite songs in stadiums, he’s got so much love to give and is dreaming of entering his next era in a loving home.”

Battersea’s expert feline team believes the reason for Taylor’s unusually long stay could be due to him being a middle-aged cat. Despite being in the prime of their life with lots of energy and love to give, middle-aged cats often stay in Battersea’s care much longer than kittens and elderly residents.

Grace added: “We see cats of all ages, shapes and sizes coming into our three centres and our middle-aged cats can sadly be the most overlooked; but have just as much love to give. Middle-aged cats like Taylor have already developed their own unique personalities, and are often much more laid-back than their kitten counterparts, which can be appealing to owners who are looking for a calmer companion who still enjoys being active and will still show their playful side when the mood suits them.

“By rehoming a middle-aged cat from a rescue like Battersea, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your new friend is the right fit for you and your home. We always have a variety of middle-aged cats in our care to suit different home environments and would encourage anyone thinking of rehoming Taylor, or another rescue cat, to get in touch.”

If you could make Taylor’s wildest dreams come true and want to offer him a home, visit the Battersea website for more information:


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