How to teach your cat to high five

While some of us are still at home in lockdown, why not try your hand at teaching your cat a new trick and take part in our Pet Trick Challenge to support the dogs and cats at Battersea.
We’re challenging you to high five your cat, donate £5 and tag five of your friends to do the same with their pets!

Not sure if your pet is up to the challenge yet? Here’s a step by step guide on teaching your cat to high five.

Step one

Get a handful of treats that your cat likes. First, hold a treat in a closed hand and keep it close to the floor. When your cat touches your hand with their paw, say “yes” and reward them with the treat.

Be patient as it might take your cat some time to learn that they can use their paws to touch your hand.

Step two

Repeat step one and slowly increase the height of your hand until they are lifting their paw up to touch your hand each time you present it.

Step three

The next step is to present your open hand with no treat in it. When your cat touches your flat hand with their paw, say “yes” and reward.

Step four

Hold up your hand, this time with your palm facing outwards. Say “yes” and reward when they touch your hand.

Step five

Slowly increase the level of your hand until it’s above your cat’s head to complete the high five. Once again, say “yes” and reward when they touch your hand with their paw.

Step six

Repeat step five until your cat is consistently high fiving when you present your high five hand.

Step seven

Once your cat has learned this you can then introduce a cue of “high five!” as they touch your hand with their paw. It is important to say the cue at the time of the touch, so they learn to associate it with the action. You can then say “yes” and reward as normal.

Step eight

Repeat step seven until you can say the cue “high five!” and your cat high fives you consistently.

Take on the pet trick challenge!

Now that your cat can high five, you are ready for the Pet Trick Challenge! Share on social media (don't forget to tag us!), donate £5 to Battersea and call on five of your friends to do the same with their pets. Keep an eye on our social channels as we will be sharing our favourites in the coming weeks.

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