Dog neutering

Dog neutering is a simple operation that has numerous health and wellbeing benefits for your dog, as well as stopping any unwanted births.

When should my dog be neutered?

The age at which a dog should be neutered differs depending on breed type; it is advisable to contact your vet to discuss neutering as soon as possible.

Why should my dog be neutered?

Health and welfare benefits

  • Neutered male dogs are at a lower risk of testicular tumours.
  • Neutering a male dog also helps to prevent the onset of prostrate conditions which are common when unneutered.
  • Neutered female dogs are at a lower risk of developing mammary tumours.
  • Neutering a female dog also removes the threat of womb infections which can be very serious.

Behaviour benefits

  • Unneutered female dogs will come into season approximately twice a year. You'll notice blood spots where your dog walks, and particularly in her bedding.
  • The changes in hormones of dogs in season can change their behaviour; female dogs may be pestered by persistent male dogs, while unneutered male dogs may escape or run away on walks when trying to look for a mate.
  • Neutering male dogs can remove some of the undesirable behaviours such as scent-marking or humping.

Neutering isn’t the only way to improve a dog’s behaviour – consistent positive training with your dog is also strongly advised.

How much does dog neutering cost?

The cost of dog neutering differs for the breed, size and age of your dog. You should speak to your vet regarding costs.

Many organisations provide discounted or free dog neutering such as Blue Cross, The Mayhew Animal Home and RSPCA.

Where can I get my dog neutered?

You can contact your vet to organise having your dog neutered.

Dispelling the myths surrounding dog neutering

Will my dog get fat if I have them neutered?

There is no evidence to support this. With an appropriate diet and plenty of exercise there is no reason why your dog will put on weight. It is possible that your pet will require less food than before neutering, but your vet will advise on this.

Isn't it good to let your female dog have a litter of puppies before neutering?

There are no documented health benefits associated with this. Young mothers are at greater risk of complications during the delivery of their puppies. Pregnancy presents more of a risk than neutering.

Will neutering my dog make him better behaved?

While there are some behavioural benefits to neutering, such as the elimination of scent marking and humping, neutering is not a quick fix for behavioural issues in dogs. It is important to spend time on training your dog using positive reinforcement.


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