Pet Friendly Properties

Our Pet Friendly Properties campaign

Having to give up a pet because of housing issues is a unique type of heartbreak. It’s a heartbreak we witness at Battersea first-hand, and one that could so easily be avoided.

The last few years have demonstrated the many benefits of being able to own a pet, not only for our mental health and wellbeing, but also our feelings of connection to other people, our local community, and the outside world.

With more people than ever renting properties, we’re taking a stand to show that tenants deserve the chance to experience the joys of pet ownership. With our Pet Friendly Properties campaign, we want to achieve long-lasting, societal change, because we believe that everyone should have the choice to experience the joy of pet ownership, no matter where they live.


The Renters Reform Bill has been introduced in Parliament, and with it, the chance to improve access to pet-friendly housing. But we're not there yet. We're working to ensure that the legislation helps more people experience the many benefits and joys of pet ownership, and we need your continued help to make sure this happens. Show your support by signing our pledge for more pet-friendly properties, and help send the message that people and pets belong together.


Real life stories

Thousands of pet-owning renters across the UK face challenges every day. From being automatically rejected by letting agents during their search for a home, to having to spend more than they can afford every month on disproportionately high rent, just because of their pet, tenants who own pets deserve better.

Battersea talks Pet Friendly Properties

One of the main reasons a pet owner would gift an animal into Battersea is due to housing complications. We are continually looking after animals we feel don't need to be in our care as more and more landlords unfortunately turn their back on renters who own pets.

Our report

Battersea has undertaken research with tenant and landlord groups to better understand the current challenges facing those in the private rented sector who want to own a pet.


The future of pets and renting

In May 2023, the Government introduced the long-awaited Renters’ Reform Bill. The legislation will make it possible for renters in England to request pets and landlords will no longer be able to unreasonably deny this request. In addition, landlords will have the power to ask renters to take out insurance against any potential damage their pets might cause.

Battersea welcomes the legislation, which takes a step towards recognising the importance of pet ownership and its role in supporting the physical and mental health of owners.

We’re working with a range of stakeholders representing tenants, landlords, lettings agents and others to find workable solutions on this agenda. We’re looking forward to working with the Government as the legislation develops and will keep our supporters updated as things progress. 

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