Make Sure To Get My Good Side: Battersea Offers Tips and Tricks to Photograph Your Black Cat This National Black Cat Day

26 Oct 2023

Cats are sweet, loyal companions that can make ideal pets, however black cats are often less favoured due to misconceptions around them. This National Black Cat Day (27 October), Battersea is offering helpful tips and tricks to photograph your cat, to dispel myths which suggest they do not photograph as well as their more colourful counterparts. 

There are a number of black cats at Battersea looking for a home to call their own including Yellow, an affectionate and chatty one-year-old cat who has been in the charity’s care for almost 60 days, more than double the average stay of a Battersea cat (28 days). Yellow is a sociable lady who loves nothing more than snuggling on the laps of her favourite people, showing her appreciation with her signature chirrups. She is an adventurous girl who is looking for a loving home with outdoor access where she can stretch her legs and explore the great outdoors. 

Bridie Williams, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea, said: “Battersea welcomes hundreds of black cats through its gates each year, each with their own wonderful and unique personalities. However, they can often spend longer in our care than the average stay due to the myths and misconceptions around them such as that they aren't photogenic or that they bring bad luck, but we at Battersea know this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“Using some of our simple tips such as making use of natural light and incorporating playtime into your photo session can help you capture your pets true unbridled cattitude and celebrate their individuality.” 

Battersea has shared five top tips for photographing your black cat to celebrate their beauty this National Black Cat Day: 

Tip 1 - Photograph your cat when they’re calm and relaxed 

It’s important to photograph your cat when they are feeling relaxed, such as when they’re slumbering in their basket or chilling on the windowsill. Make sure to always keep an eye on their body language to make sure they’re feeling comfortable during their modelling session! 

Tip 2 - Make good use of daylight  

The use of natural light can bring out the details of your cats darker fur. Avoid using flash as it could startle your cat and it will also make your images look harsh. If using a camera, try dialling up the ISO setting to let in more light or simply take your photographs with daylight behind you so it falls on your cat, making the perfect picture. 

Tip 3 - Eyes are everything! 

Keep a steady hand and try to catch the light in your cat’s eyes. Make sure your cat is relaxed - you can spot this by making sure their pupils aren’t dilated. 

Tip 4 - Avoid a busy background 

If taking pictures on a phone, try using portrait mode to blur out distracting backgrounds and to focus the image on your pets eyes and whiskers. If using a camera, use a shallow depth of field (indicated by a low ‘f’ number on your camera) to blur out a busy background. 

Tip 5 - Snap a selection of images 

Cats are fast and agile creatures who like to run around and play, so they won’t stay in one place for too long! Make sure to take as many photos as you can to get the best pet portrait. If you’re using a camera, work with a fast shutter speed, ideally at 1/200 seconds or above. If using your phone, try taking pictures in ‘live’ mode to make sure you’re always capturing your cat’s perfect pose. 

Tip 6 - Distractions are key 

To keep your cat engaged, try holding a treat up so that they are looking upwards and towards the light source to help capture their true beauty. You can also use toys to get a playful action shot. 

In 2023, Battersea is celebrating the true unbridled cattitude of cats of all shapes, sizes, ages and coats to mark the 140th anniversary of the much-loved charity welcoming cats to its iconic London centre and providing them with the fuss and care they deserve. 

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