Nervous Stray Dog Given New Lease of Life After Losing Almost a Kilo of Matted Fur

07 Jul 2023

An 11-month-old Cockapoo who was brought to Battersea in a tangle of fur has been given a second chance after undergoing a dramatic makeover, losing almost a kilo of matted fur.

When Zelda arrived at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre as a stray, she was very nervous of her surroundings and had heavily overgrown, matted fur with lots of sores around her ears. Due to the condition of her coat, Zelda was very uncomfortable and had difficulty seeing the world around her. 

The charity’s dedicated staff sprang into action and gave Zelda a full makeover with a grooming and bathing session to ease her discomfort. The team carefully clipped down her coat and gave her a fresh start, removing almost a kilo of hair to help her feel lighter and brighter.

Zelda began to show off her affectionate personality as her confidence grew, loving nothing more than receiving plenty of attention and fuss from her favourite people. She proved to be an adventurous young dog who enjoyed going on walks with her canine friends and following her nose to investigate new smells. 

After a few weeks of hands-on care from the charity’s canine experts, Zelda caught the attention of her new owners who fell in love with her lively personality and whisked her off to start a new life in London. Since going home, she has been enjoying lots of lap time with her family and zooming around the garden with her Jack Russell friend. 

Clare Penman, Groomer at Battersea Old Windsor, said: “After Zelda had a much-needed groom, her demeanour changed and she was instantly more relaxed, which is why regular grooming is so important to keep your dog happy and healthy. When a dog's fur mats it causes discomfort and can also trap moisture, leading to irritation and sores on their skin, as well as hiding bacteria, fleas and ticks. Grooming helps to ensure your dog’s coat is clean, free of knots and can even help to keep them cool. 

“To look after your dog's fur, brush them regularly with the right brush for their coat and make sure to wash out any dirt after muddy walks. If you’re unsure of what’s best for your dog or if you notice any sores, speak to your vet first for advice.” 

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