Cat rehoming FAQ

Thank you for your interest in rehoming a Battersea cat. Answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive about the cat rehoming process can be found below.

Registering to rehome

How can I register to rehome?

The quickest way to rehome is to register online.

We’ll ask you questions to help us determine the sort of cat you’re looking for, so we can match you up with the cat we feel will be best for you.

I've looked on the website and I'd like to rehome a specific cat - can you tell me more about them and can I come and meet them?

Firstly, thank you for your interest in offering a cat a home!

We're not able to discuss individual cats until you have registered to rehome, but once you're registered, you'll be able to move on to the next step – which is talking everything through with our Rehoming Advisors.

Why can't you discuss individual cats with me until I am registered?

If your chosen cat isn't marked as rehomed or reserved on the website, this means they are available for rehoming, but may already be in the process of meeting a new owner who has already registered. We do everything to ensure our animals have a short stay in our cattery and get out to their forever homes as swiftly as they can.

How much does it cost to rehome a cat/kitten?

Our rehoming fee is £95 for cats (over six months), £125 for kittens (under six months) or £170 for a pair of cats and £225 for a pair of kittens, which includes a full vet and behaviour assessment, microchipping, flea and worm treatment, neutering, initial vaccinations, starter pack of food and four weeks of free Petplan insurance. Each cat also goes to their new home with their own blankets and a favourite toy, such as a knitted mouse.

It’s important to consider not just the initial cost of getting a cat or kitten, but the regular cost of insurance, food, equipment etc.

How long does it take to rehome a cat?

This all depends on your individual circumstances and the cat you are looking for. At the moment we have reduced staff so there may be some delay whilst we work through rehoming applications and prioritise those customers that live within a short distance of our three centres.

Is there a different process for rehoming working cats?

Yes, working cats are not featured on our website. If you are interested in rehoming a working cat, please email or call our team on 0207 6277886.

Your circumstances

I have children – can I still rehome a cat, and what sort of cat can I rehome?

Yes, we frequently have cats available for rehoming who would fit perfectly into a family home with children.

I’m pregnant – can I still rehome a cat?

We do rehome cats to customers who are pregnant. We will discuss your options and give you advice upon registering.

I am moving home – can I still rehome a cat?

Depending on when you plan to move, we may recommend you wait until after you have moved and settled in before rehoming a cat. You are still welcome to register now, and continue the next steps after you've moved.

This is because moving to a new home is a very unsettling time for a cat and the fewer changes in the settling-in period, the better in terms of making a new cat feel at ease.

I’m going on holiday soon – can I still rehome?

Depending on how soon your holiday is, we may recommend you wait until after you return before taking a new cat home. You are still welcome to register now, and continue the next steps after you return.

I have allergies to some cats. Can I still rehome a cat? Do you have any hypoallergenic cats?

We rarely rehome to people with cat allergies unless these are very mild, as allergies are one of the most common reasons why cats are brought in to us for rehoming.

Truly hypoallergenic cats are a myth. There is a common misconception that some breed cats are hypoallergenic, but the protein responsible for causing cat allergies is found in a cat’s saliva, so a hairless cat could still cause an allergic reaction in someone who has allergies to cats.

Can I foster a cat?

Battersea does have Foster Carers who can provide a safe and calm foster home for our cats, including pregnant mums and their kittens.

Find out how to become a cat foster carer

I’d like to rehome a cat as a surprise gift for my partner, parent or child. Can I do this?

We don't rehome animals as surprise gifts for family members or friends.

Adding a new cat as a member to your family is a big commitment, so it’s important that every member of the household is fully on board with the reality of having a cat and the personality of the cat itself, including any behavioural or medical challenges it could have.

The new home

Do you rehome cats to live indoors?

Yes, Battersea does rehome some cats to live in homes without outside access. This is something you can discuss in more detail with a Rehoming Advisor once you are registered to rehome.

Will I need a home visit in order to rehome a cat?

After registering we might ask for photos or videos of your home or garden. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. If you live in rented accommodation, you may be asked to provide written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a pet in the property.

Do you rehome cats to rural homes or working outlets?

Yes, Battersea is appealing to landowners, farmers, stables, garden centres, and rural homes with outbuildings to come forward to help provide a safe home for cats that wouldn’t be able to cope in a traditional pet home.

Visit our Working Cats article page for more information.

If you are interested in rehoming a working cat, please email or call our team on 0207 6277886.

Living with other animals

I’ve got a cat/several cats – can I rehome another cat so it can have a friend?

We do rehome some cats to live with existing cats in the home.

Some cats are happy to live with other cats, while many are happier with the home to themselves. This may apply to your own cat as well as the cat you'd be bringing home.

I have a dog – can I rehome a cat?

Battersea often rehomes cats to homes with a dog in residence, but it can take time to best match you with a cat to suit your home environment and your dog.

Types of cat

Have you got any/many kittens? I can’t see any on the website that are available for rehoming

We do have kittens available for rehoming from time to time, and once they are ready to go home, they are rehomed very quickly. We have lots of young, playful cats in their 'teenage' years - and don’t forget that older cats can be particularly friendly and fond of a lap to sit on.

Kittens appear on the website along with all the other cats when they are ready for rehoming. Once you are registered and have had your first chat with a Rehoming Advisor, we will be able to tell you about the kittens we have available in the centre at that specific time.

Do you get many Bengals, Persians or Siamese?

Battersea does sometimes have breed cats available for rehoming, though most of our cats are regular domestic short-haired or longer-haired cats.

I’d like a cat to help deal with my mouse problem/catch mice. Do you rehome mousers?

Yes, some of our most famous ex-residents (such as Larry the No. 10 Downing Street cat) hold or have held important government positions as chief mousers.

We would of course first need to check that your home matches the cat's needs. And as we don't test for mousing ability, we can't guarantee any cat's success in actually catching mice.

Do you rehome working cats?

Yes. Hundreds of cats that are not well socialised to people come through our gates every year. These cats are so used to fending for themselves they’re not well suited to being a traditional pet.

Rural homes, including farms and stables, can make a good alternative for these cats as it gives them the space they need to roam, hunt, and exhibit their natural behaviour. It also gives them the choice and control over how they live their lives, whilst providing a safe environment for them to live in.

Please note, these cats are not featured on our website. If you are interested in rehoming a working cat, please email or call our team on 0207 6277886.

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