Dog insurance

Dog insurance is an extremely important consideration for all pet owners. It will help guard against unexpected veterinary fees and allow you to provide the best health care for your dog.

Dog insurance policies and providers

There are many different dog insurance policies and providers to choose from, but not all dog insurance is the same. Some policies limit the amount of time or money which is why we recommend that you don’t choose a policy based on price alone.

Vet fee cover is the most important feature of a dog insurance policy. It doesn't cover routine visits or vaccinations but it will cover medical expenses. There is a big difference in vet fee cover for different policies so make sure you shop around and find the best policy for you.

You should also consider Third Party Liability cover in case your dog causes an accident.

Petplan insurance for all our dogs and cats

All dogs and cats from Battersea go to their new homes with four weeks free insurance from Petplan. We work with Petplan because they are a pet insurance specialist and have a range of options including their signature Covered for Life policies.

New owners can decide to extend this free cover to a full policy. If they do, Petplan will kindly donate 10% of the cost of the premium to Battersea, as well as 10% of the cost of the premium for each year the policy is renewed.

This 10% donation isn’t only available to people rehoming an animal from Battersea. Visit Petplan for a quote and more information about all Petplan policies for your pet. You can call Petplan on 0330 102 1644 quoting ‘BDCH’ and 10% of your premium will be donated to Battersea.

Find out more about our partnership with Petplan.


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