Fundraising ideas

There are many ways that you can raise money for our dogs and cats. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Ideas to get your creativity flowing

Cake saleSporting sweepstakeDonate your skills
Chocolate banConcert or band nightSwap event
Swear boxPub quizOffice bingo
RaffleCar boot saleAuction of promises
Bring and buy book saleSponsored dog walkCoffee morning

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Raise money at work

You and your colleagues can raise money for us, while also encouraging teamwork and having fun together.

  • Hold a cake sale or bake off – nominate your very own Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood to judge
  • Ask the boss to donate an extra day’s holiday and hold a raffle to win it
  • Put a collection box in the kitchen for a month and charge people for each cup of tea or coffee they drink
  • Organise a quiz evening – ask the pub near work if you can hold it there and round up your teams
  • Donate an hour's salary and ask your employer to match it
  • Hold an auction of promises – how high will people go for a weeks’ worth of tea making or taking over their early morning shift?

Raise money at school

Whether you’re a school, college, youth group or a young person looking to raise money for Battersea - there are loads of ways you can get involved.

  • Dog or cat themed sports day – from the retriever relay race to the doggy paddle swim, you could make your sports day even more fun this summer
  • Sponsored silence – your teachers will be happy and you will raise lots of money
  • Non-uniform day – ditch the blazer for a £1 donation
  • Cake sale – bring in some baked goods and ask for donations from your classmates and teachers
  • Hold a concert and donate the proceeds from the ticket sales
  • Walk your dog to school day – bring the family pet along on your morning walk in return for a donation
  • Talent contest – put on a show to reveal everyone’s hidden talents and invite parents and teachers along to watch in return for a donation
  • Guess the number of sweets in a jar – fill a jar with your favourite sweets and take it around each class – for a £1 donation everyone can have a guess and the closest answer wins the treats

Don't forget to collect all your donations with our official sponsorship form.

Hold a collection

Collections are a great way to raise much-needed funds for us while also generating public awareness of our work. If you wish to organise your own collection, here are details of the different types of collection you can do and the guidelines that you need to follow.

Public collections

A collection in a public place is any location where the public have unrestricted access at all times, such as the street or an open common.

Any collections taking place in a public place need a Street Collection Licence from the correct Local Authority. You will need to apply well in advance - at least a month - before the date of your collection, and longer during a busy period, such as Christmas.

Private collections

To collect donations on private property, such as in a supermarket, a pub or a train station, you simply need to get the written permission of the store manager, station manager or landlord.

  • All collectors must be over 18 years of age, use a sealed Battersea collection tin, and have a written letter of authorisation from the charity.
  • Please email to request a collection tin and letter. Please note that you will need to provide written proof that you have permission to collect in your area.

Raise money through eBay

eBay sellers can raise money for Battersea by creating an eBay for Charity listing. Find out how to list charity items on eBay.

You can also add to your fundraising pot by making us your favourite charity on eBay. This will give you the chance to donate to Battersea at checkout every time you shop on eBay.

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