5 reasons to rescue a greyhound

29 JANUARY 2019

Greyhounds are often associated with speed and the need for endless hours of exercise each day, but we know there is so much more to these beautiful, loving dogs that makes them the perfect pet for many people.

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At Battersea, we want to bust some of the myths around Greyhounds and highlight some of their lovely traits. Read our top five reasons to rescue a Greyhound below.

1. Greyhounds make great companions

Most Greyhounds are very gentle and sweet natured dogs with even temperaments. Many crave human company and are affectionate with their owners. When made a fuss of, Greyhounds will show their appreciation by leaning against their owner’s legs.

2. Easy to groom

As they have a short coat, Greyhounds require minimal grooming or bathing, although they do shed, so regular brushing is needed.

3. They are real couch potatoes

Whilst greyhounds can run at up to 40mph, short daily walks are enough to keep them happy and fit. In fact, many Greyhounds are incredibly laid-back, happily sleeping for hours a day and are great TV watching partners.

4. They can be very playful

In between naps, many Greyhounds love playing and spending quality time with their owners. When they get particularly excited, they can be very comical and run around in circles.

5. There are plenty of Greyhounds who need a home

In 2018, we rehomed 117 Greyhounds, many of these were retired racers who may not have experienced family life before. We’re proud to be part of the Greyhound Retirement Scheme (GRS) which helps ensure that every greyhound leaving racing enjoys a long and happy retirement. This scheme is overseen by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) which is the regulator for licenced greyhound racing in Great Britain.

Rescuing a Greyhound will give them the opportunity to enjoy their retirement in comfort, and in return they’ll reward you with plenty of love.

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Rehoming a Battersea rescue dog is a very rewarding experience and gives our dogs the second chance of the loving home they deserve.

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