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Battersea is committed to supporting other animal rescue organisations. We know that we can help more animals by working together with others than we can alone, especially in areas where the need is high but there is scarce resource and little public help. We offer a range of grants to help successful applicants develop and deliver specific projects that will benefit dogs and cats. Our grants are available to any organisation, no matter how large or small.

Research Grants Programme

Round 2 Launches – 28th June 2021

We are delighted to launch a further round of Research Grants.

This is an opportunity designed to encourage academic institutions and research organisations to develop new research on animal welfare within the shelter environment and in the home following adoption. Research projects will also provide invaluable insight and knowledge to share with the wider sector.

The Research Grants Programme will provide funding of up to £40,000 over a maximum of 12 months, to enable independent researchers or principal investigators within HE and other educational institutions to complete research projects linked to an aspect of shelter welfare in dogs and/or cats.

Application is a two stage process, with awards expected to commence early 2022.

If you have any questions or would like to talk through your proposal please contact Margaret Hulme in the first instance by emailing

Recent grant allocation

Following the May 2021 Grant Allocation Committee Battersea were delighted to award 28 grants under 5 categories

Minimum Standards Programme – designed specifically for ADCH members, either working towards attaining Minimum Standards / enhancing Standards.

Animal Partnership Programme – designed to assist rescues working in collaboration with Battersea to maximise the number of unwanted, stray and abandoned dogs and cats across the UK, through caring for and finding the best possible homes.

Strategic Programme – designed to test out new ways of working and partnership with organisations working either in the UK or overseas.

Covid 19 Emergency Programme – a small grant opportunity for rescues and organisations both in the UK and overseas for up to 6 months’ funded activity, taking into consideration recent learnings from the Covid 19 pandemic and putting these into practice, as they look to the future and sustainability.

Research Grant Programme – A new opportunity for Battersea to work in partnership with academic institutions and other organisations, to develop new research on animal welfare within the shelter environment and in the home following adoption, whilst at the same time gaining invaluable insight and knowledge to share with the wider sector.

Below are some examples of work currently underway with Battersea funding:

Woodside Animal Sanctuary

Based on the edge of Plymouth, Elfordleigh

Set amidst countryside and woodland, Woodside Animal Sanctuary care for more than 18 different species of animals, rehoming around 1000 animals a year. Woodside also work hard in the local community, promoting animal welfare via a number of different community education programmes and running a TNR scheme. Woodside offers permanent sanctuary for around 50 animals who cannot or are unlikely to be rehomed due to ill health, behaviour issues or age.

Over the last five years kennels have suffered from regular flooding. Funding from Battersea will enable Woodside to purchase and installation more Aqua cells which provide effective management of excessive rainfall, through a infiltration solution, holding the water until such a point that it can be safely released into the surrounding land. Many 000s of animals will benefit each year from such a scheme.

Rain rescue

Based in Rotherham, Yorkshire

Rain Rescue was started 19 years ago and at its core, it answers calls for help or crisis from across Yorkshire. Over the years Rain have evolved and grown and being members of the ADCH, have learned best practice year on year to improve and streamline back-office operation as much as possible. The rescue is an advocate for partnership working and as such they have a number of different protocols in place with several rescues including Thornberry Animal Rescue, Cat Ching, and Rescue Rangers.

Through Battersea funding Rain will purchase a modular stand alone cattery with adjustable cat pods (4 large pods), allowing them to cater for individual / families, along with a food prep area and its own electricity supply. More than 300 cats (and kittens) will benefit year on year.


StreetVet Hostel Co-ordinator

Began as 2 vets and a backpack, in a relatively short space of time StreetVet has grown exponentially, only really made possible through an incredible army of volunteers, overwhelming backing they have had from the veterinary profession and wider animal industry and unwavering public support.

In November 2020 StreetVet launched their UK StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme which will enable hostels to accept multiple residents with their pets by offering free, accessible veterinary care, as well as support for hostel managers and staff to adopt and implement positive pet policies. Currently many people face the impossible choice between a roof over their heads or giving up their beloved pet.

Funding from Battersea was awarded for the StreetVet Hostel Coordinator who will work remotely promoting the scheme, on-boarding hostels and providing the suitable hostels with the materials, support and training required. 000s of pets and their owners will benefit from this strategic partnership with Battersea.

DogStar Foundation Cat SNP Programme

Sri Lanka

Founded in 2006, Dogstar Foundation tackles animal welfare issues at the root cause. Since 2015 in Negombo, Western Province, Dogstar’s veterinary teams (mobile outreach and static clinic) have sterilised 11,169 dogs and 1771 cats.

Until now Dogstar have concentrated on dogs with the occasional cat neuter should they be brought in with the dogs on a barrow or in a rice sack. The new project will see a dedicated ‘cat area’ at Dogstar.

Cats will be TNR where possible and there will be a free pet taxi for owners on low income to access the neuter programme and vaccinations for their cats. Community outreach and education will continue to promote neutering and responsible ownership both to communities and feeders. Best practice will also be provided to local groups who currently multi house cats. Funding from Battersea will see more than 9000 male and female, owned and stray roaming / feral cats will benefit over 3 years.

Upcoming dates

The Autumn / Winter Programme launches on Wednesday 8th September. Please watch the website for further information on the themes and how to apply. If you would like to talk about a possible initiative or would like support in submitting your application, then please email the team at

Writing a winning Grant Application Day long course is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd September. If you would top tips and hints on writing a fantastic Grant Application then please do consider attending this (free) day long course. For further information and to book your place now, please email

As ever if you wish to talk about a proposed programme or opportunity please do drop Margaret an email (

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