Battersea Grants

Our Grants and Programmes team offers strategic funding and support opportunities to organisations within the animal welfare sector, to advance change, through empowering local partners, so that more dogs and cats can have a better future. We know that by working together with others, we can have greater impact.

Battersea currently offers 3 different Grant Programmes. Grantee partners are carefully selected through an application process, measured against criteria, including their potential to contribute to our strategic objectives and achieve their intended impact. As a funder, this helps us concentrate our efforts on making the biggest difference we can to the lives of dogs and cats around the world.

In addition to our grant funding, where appropriate Battersea offers:

  • support to grantee partners to reflect on their areas of strength and weakness as part of our organisational assessment process;
  • help to connect them with relevant Battersea staff to provide feedback on policies and practices;
  • support for them to think through their strategy to increase their influence, impact, and the scale of their work;
  • convening of our network of partners, providing a safe space for exchange and learning, and;
  • to connect them with the world class training offered by the Battersea Academy

We offer a range of grants to help successful applicants develop and deliver specific projects or programmes with measurable outcomes that will benefit dogs and cats. Our grants are available to any organisation, no matter how large or small.

During the first half of 2022 we are undertaking a strategic review of our Grants & Programmes to ensure we concentrate our efforts on making the biggest difference we can. We will continue to focus extensively on the UK alongside our growing international work.

Our current Grants and Programmes will evolve and grow so please do keep a watch on this web page for exciting developments.

Current Grant Programme Opportunities

Applying to Battersea is simple. This section provides everything you need to know about the application process, what to include in your funding proposal, how to submit your application and how long the process takes.

We appreciate that applying for funds can be time consuming, so we aim to make our process as simple as possible.

Please read our application guidelines carefully to ensure you have included all the information we need.

For rescues working toward ensuring their shelter meets ADCH Standards there is a Minimum Standards grant opportunity. Improving standards has never been more important, as the UK government is set to launch new regulations that will impact the licensing of rehoming and rescue organisations. Please read the guidelines very carefully before starting an application as there is some important information you will need to provide to access this programme.

Minimum Standards Guidelines

Minimum Standards Application Guidelines

Word Application

For those who have attended an Academy week-long Intensive course you have the opportunity to apply for a Change Grant to enable you to implement new learning in your organisation.

Change plan Application Guidelines

Word Application

There is an International / Strategic Programme for those organisations who are working countrywide and in collaboration with partners, to advance change for dogs and cats. This opportunity is by invitation only. Please do not start an application unless you have had a conversation with a Grants Manager by contacting them at

Please note key information below

Applicants to interested Grants Programmes can submit an application year-round. However, there are four decision making meetings in a year. The next set of key dates are below:

Thursday 31 March 2022Grant Application deadline for all Grants Programmes
Wednesday 27 April 2022Grant Advisory Committee meeting
Monday 9 May 2022Applicants informed of outcome by this date

Please note that all applications must be submitted by 12noon (UK time) on Thursday 31 March 2022.

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