Battersea Communities

We want to spread our rescue is best message, rehome more cats and dogs and put smiles on more faces.

Battersea has started working in communities where we don’t currently have a centre. Along with local animal lovers, we want to help more dogs and cats, educate people about rescue and put lots of smiles on faces. And we’re very excited that our first Community is Guildford.

Each Battersea Community will have trained Community Rehoming Volunteers, who will help rehome dogs and cats without the need for a physical centre.

Battersea Communities will also hold and attend local events and develop partnerships with local charities, authorities and other groups. By doing so we can promote the benefits of owning an animal and talk to more people about pet ownership.

We are planning to establish a total of ten Communities by 2023 and hope to rehome an additional 2,000 animals during this time. Watch this space for details of where our next Battersea Community will be.


If you are interested in rehoming an animal from our Guildford Community, please contact us by email and we can provide you with more information on the process and discuss the animals we have available for rehoming.


Community rehoming volunteers

We are always on the lookout for Community Rehoming Volunteers who can provide temporary homes for our dogs and cats until they find loving families.

Becoming a Community Rehoming Volunteer means that you are providing invaluable care for dogs and cats who really need that second chance.

What is involved?

Community Rehoming Volunteers will provide all the basics of care for the animal, such as feeding, cleaning, exercising (dogs), grooming, training, playing and socialising, and must be willing to follow our guidance and regulations on training and safety.

Community Rehoming Volunteers will play an active role in finding a home for the animal in their care. This is likely to involve taking photos and videos that can be used to promote rehoming, attending organised events to promote rehoming, sharing social media posts, talking to members of the public about the animal in their care, displaying rehoming flyers at suitable locations in their local community and handing out Animal Network Officer business cards to individuals interested in rehoming.

Can I become a Community Rehoming Volunteer?

It is beneficial if you’ve had experience with dog and cat ownership. However, it is not essential. A willingness to follow our advice and guidance is the most important thing.

Community Rehoming Volunteers provide an additional way for Battersea to help more dogs and cats. By looking after a Battersea animal, Community Rehoming Volunteers provide for their welfare needs, create rehoming opportunities where Battersea’s centres pose a barrier (e.g. travel, opening hours etc.), and spread the word about rescue in their local community.

Ideally, we would like our Community Rehoming Volunteers to commit to us on a long-term basis to ensure our animals are provided with a stable environment. Looking after an animal on a temporary basis is a very rewarding experience especially when you see them go to their loving home. It is, however, different to rehoming. If you are interested in owning a dog or cat permanently find out how to rehome a dog or rehome a cat.

What are the requirements?

We do ask that our Community Rehoming Volunteers:

  • Preferably live within the following GU postcodes: GU1-12, GU14-17, GU21-24.
  • Do not have any young children in the household, but those with older children may be considered.
  • Have no other dogs and cats in the home. Some of our animals are not comfortable with other pets.
  • Have access to a car in case the dog or cat in your care needs veterinary attention.
  • Look after a Battersea animal until the point of rehoming, which may require commitment over a period of time.
  • Have a secure garden - although this is not absolutely necessary if you have nearby green space
  • (Cats) Have a secure spare room. It is important that our cats have somewhere comfortable and quiet, away from busier parts of the home. This gives our cats a chance to gain confidence at their own pace
  • (Dogs) Are in a position to not leave the dog alone for more than 4 hours at a time

All our Community Rehoming Volunteers need to be compassionate, empathetic and adaptable to the needs of the individual animals that come into their care, as they are all unique.

Why are Community Rehoming Volunteers needed?

There are some dogs and cats that do not get rehomed as quickly as others and stay at our centres for longer periods of times. Battersea Communities will enable dogs and cats to go to temporary homes out in the community where more visibility to the public and a different approach to rehoming could result in a loving home being found relatively quickly.

All cats and dogs that go out to our Community Rehoming Volunteers will have been deemed ready to be rehomed by our veterinary clinic and rehoming teams.

What are the benefits?

Our Community Rehoming Volunteers tend to be people who really love animals but are not in a position, for one reason or another, to have one full time. Community rehoming enables people to have animals in their lives, but without the full-time commitment.

Although Community rehoming may be challenging and can require a lot of commitment, it is extremely rewarding to see your Battersea animal blossom and then go on to be successfully rehomed.

We ensure that our Community Rehoming Volunteers receive ongoing support and behaviour training. In addition, we make sure to provide you with everything your Battersea animal will need including food, equipment and any necessary veterinary treatment.

Community volunteers

Do you want to help promote Battersea, help dogs and cats, promote the benefits of animal companionship and spread the message that rescue is best?

We are currently recruiting Community Volunteers – animal lovers who live locally and are able to offer some of their time to come and help us at events in the Guildford and surrounding areas. The types of events volunteers will be able to support us at are local shows e.g. Surrey County Show, educational workshops and community events e.g. coffee mornings to promote our animals available for rehoming and to offer opportunities for local people to get together and make new friends.

Dogs and cats need you Guildford

Can you spare a little time to help dogs and cats? Please click below to apply for our community volunteering opportunities.