Remembering them with a smile on Pet Remembrance Day

30 JUNE 2021

Our pets are such special members of the family and make their presence known with their loveable quirks, loyal companionship and unique personalities. They bring joy, not only to our lives, but the lives of all those around them.

This Pet Remembrance Day, we’re remembering the dogs, cats and other animals who are no longer with us, but who will always make us smile. At Battersea, our Pet Tribute Funds are a great way to share wonderful memories and create a lasting legacy for your beloved pet, whilst fundraising for the dogs and cats at Battersea in their memory. We asked some owners who have set up Pet Tribute Funds to share their stories with us and tell us all the things about their pets that still make them smile.


“We have so many happy memories of Bean, it is hard to choose a favourite. We took Bean for training to help him socialise. He relished meeting other dogs and made many friends. During break times, he loved to wrestle with his friend Dexter. He soon got the nickname, 'Tiny Haystacks,' (fans of 1980's wrestling will get the reference!). His small size certainly didn't hold him back; he was a confident, calm, sociable little chap, with a gentle spirit and playful disposition.

When we lost Bean earlier this year we were devastated, Bean was such an important member of our family and the house seemed so empty and quiet without him. We wanted to reach out and help other dogs and animals that may not have had the love and security that our little boy enjoyed. It seemed right to honour Bean with a Pet Tribute Fund. He loved other dogs and we felt he would approve! It also gave our friends and family the opportunity to mark Bean's passing in a positive way. I still find it a comfort when I am having a sad day, to make a donation and write a little message to my little boy Bean.”


“Where do I start telling you about Misty? Probably every owner says this about their beloved furry companion but Misty, well she was one of a kind - my best friend, stubborn but full of love and always by my side.

We said goodnight to Misty at the end of May 2020 and I needed something to channel my grief towards. I saw a Battersea advert come up for Pet Remembrance Day, and I started looking into virtual events that I could link into this and raise money for Battersea. I wanted to give their dogs and cats the chance at finding the love and support that we gave to Misty for the 10 years we had her in our lives; 10 years of precious moments and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Sharing these moments and my journey over the last year with Battersea has helped me heal. By doing the event I was not only celebrating the life of Misty, I was also helping dogs and cats that haven’t had the best start in life to have the life that Misty had.”


“We rescued Rosie 15 years ago from Battersea when she was about 18 months old. Battersea had called her Rosa but we changed it to Rosie.

Rosie absolutely loved the water. She loved our little holidays to Norfolk and Cornwall with long walks on the beach, barking at us to throw her ball into the sea so she could go and fetch it and splash around.

She was a huge part of our family. We loved her to the moon and back but will cherish her memory and the love we shared.

We decided to set up a Pet Tribute Fund because initially I was going to scatter her ashes, but when we tried to think of where it was hard. The day after we put her to rest we went to the park and I felt so emotional with all the memories. I came home and went on the Battersea website and saw the Pet Tribute Fund page. I knew then that’s what we wanted to do! She came from Battersea and making a contribution to the place that saved her gave us comfort. I’m so happy I did. Hopefully the funds will help other lovely pets like our Rosie.”


“Kato was the most loving cat I ever had the pleasure of knowing let alone owning. He was naturally a chatty, affectionate boy who loved attention and enjoyed getting into mischief.

I have so many wonderful memories of him. Like him coming in with pieces of beef and chicken he brought home for me after going through the bins. Or the two times he brought home fresh chicken fillets which I’m sure someone left out to defrost and he decided to have for his dinner instead! Neighbours would say “Oh Kato came in today” or “I found Kato on my bed this afternoon!” I’d always apologise but people never minded. He was curious and liked to say hello.

He was almost like my emotional support cat. When I had a bad day with my anxiety or work was stressing me out, he would always comfort me. He would sit on my knee or join me in bed, and wrap himself like a scarf or a hat around my head. It was so comforting. I miss his company and his caring ways.

Kato was a rescue cat. He proved that they have so much love to give and can fill your life with so much joy. That’s why I wanted to help more rescue cats (and dogs) in Kato’s memory and create a tribute for him whilst raising funds for Battersea at the same time.

It’s my way of trying to keep Kato’s memory alive. I love him still so, so much and think of him every single day.


“At 10 months old we were told Finlay would be lucky if he lived to 3 years. He passed away aged 11 in October last year. Simply put, he was my life and soulmate. Intuitive, loving, clever and fun and so very special. I hope one day we will meet again. He enriched my life and I shall love him forever.

His favourite song was paradise by Coldplay. Every time I sang it he would come running, wagging his tail. He loved sitting on my lap facing me, and if I sang “yay” he would copy and call back to me. He was so intelligent.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, he was my reason to fight. If I cried, he would push my partner out of the way to get to me. What an amazing love we had.

I have found the Pet Tribute Fund page a very positive way of remembering Finn, simultaneously giving help to other animals. It’s been a very cathartic process.”

If you’d like to do something extra special this Pet Remembrance Day, why not set up a Pet Tribute Fund? As well as offering you a space to share memories and photos of your pet, you’ll also help raise vital funds for the dogs and cats at Battersea who are waiting to bring joy and smiles to a loving new home.


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