Battersea Statement On Bear The Dog

03 MARCH 2022

Losing a pet in any circumstances is incredibly difficult and we have great sympathy for Bear’s owner.  

Battersea endeavours to help every dog or cat, no matter what behaviour or medical issues they may have. Every dog is assessed by our behaviour experts from the day they arrive at Battersea and we work hard to understand and rectify any problem behaviours, regardless of how long this takes.  

When a dog in our care shows signs of stress in kennels, we always consider every option available, including the possibility of sending a dog to stay in a foster home. Unfortunately, this option was not possible for Bear due to the worrying behaviour he consistently displayed around new people. 

Our staff care deeply for all the animals we look after and the decision to put an animal to sleep is never taken lightly and not an outcome we would ever want. Sadly, the reality of working with a broad range of animals, some of which may have severe behaviour or health issues, means that we do have to make incredibly difficult decisions. As a charity that rehomes thousands of dogs every year, we have a duty of care to ensure the safety of people and other animals. Bear demonstrated concerning behaviour from the moment he was brought into Battersea and despite our best efforts his signs of aggression towards people and other dogs increased, meaning we could not safely rehome him.