Mixed breeds: No pedigree, always original

Mixed breed dogs stand out from the crowd with their unique mix of whatever-they-are. Here’s why you should consider bagging yourself a one-off limited edition.

There’s nothing quite like a mixed breed dog. Literally. A mixed breed dog’s full heritage is usually unknown and, as their name suggests, they are often the result of different mixes of breeds over the years.

Mixed breed dogs are sometimes thought of as being less desirable, but why follow the crowd when you could have a one-off limited edition? Here are just some of the reasons why you should think again about a mixed breed rescue dog:

Mixed breed dogs are made of stronger stuff

Mixed breed dogs, unlike pedigrees or pure-bred cross breeds, are less likely to suffer from genetic conditions or some of the inherited diseases that are associated with specific breeds. Owning a mixed breed dog doesn’t mean they will never develop health issues, or that you won’t have to care for them, but the chances of your mixed breed dog having a genetic condition are much lower. This could potentially mean that your mixed breed rescue dog will cost you less in vet bills in the long run.

Mixed breed dogs: here for a good time and a long time

Lots of mixed breed dogs can live longer than some pedigree breeds. This means you may have more time with them, giving you more years together to enjoy play time, sofa snuggles and enthusiastic welcomes when you walk through the door.

You’ll never find a whatever-they-are like them

Mixed breed dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Like a bag of pick ‘n’ mix, your mixed breed dog might be a combination of all sorts of things, but you can guarantee that they will be 100% loving, loyal and totally worth it.

They’re all beauty, no beast

It’s not just our pedigree chums who look best in show. If you’re looking for a striking companion on your arm as you walk down the street, and to the park, then a gorgeous mixed breed dog might be the right dog for you. The unknown mixture of breeds in their background makes for all sorts of interesting features and is guaranteed to get them lots of attention when you’re out and about.

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