Dog fostering application form

Thank you for applying to be a dog foster carer. Fostering is hugely rewarding and provides Battersea with invaluable support. To ensure the best experience for both you and any dogs you may foster, please ensure that you have read the full description and registered for an account before applying. Please read the form thoroughly and fill out every section. A member of the team will then be in touch. Thank you again!

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(Our foster dogs tend to be medium to large in size, and many will be following training programs to resolve unwanted behaviours. For this reason we are looking for foster homes with secure private gardens to ensure the best chance of success for our foster dogs)

To be a foster carer at Battersea there are a few requirements you must meet. We’re sure you understand that these have been put in place to ensure animals get the best possible care while they wait to find a permanent home. Please read the below requirements carefully and tick the boxes for all those that apply:

We are looking for foster homes which ideally have no other cats or dogs due to the nature of our foster dogs. Small furries or fish are generally not a problem as long as you are able to keep them safely away from your foster dog.

We are currently looking for foster homes with no children. This is because our foster dogs tend to have more complex needs and are particularly vulnerable. This is in no way a reflection of your child or children, but a rule to safeguard the welfare of our dogs

Our foster dogs require someone to be around all the time at the start of the foster period. Many will not cope with being left for longer than 4 hours even after they have settled in.