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JET's image
JET's image
  • Age
    3 Years 2 Months
  • Living with children I prefer to live with adults only
  • Breed Lurcher
  • Living with dogs I prefer to live alone
  • Sex Male
  • Living with cats I can't live with cats
  • Size Medium
  • Ideal home location I prefer to live away from the inner city
  • Centre Old Windsor
  • Reference 376811

More about JET

Jet is a smart, fun and affectionate dog who is looking for owners with a keen interest in furthering his training and who have the time to dedicate to him.

At first appearances Jet is confident and out-going, however he is actually quite a sensitive dog, and this can sometimes cause him to become mischievous and forget his manners when he is interacting with people. He responds well to calm and consistent training and is clever so picks up new ideas quickly.

Jet is currently spending some time in a foster home; he is enjoying all the homes comforts (and the occasional treat of some cheese) and has been housetrained. His foster carers have a routine that works well for Jet, he does still sometimes forget himself and can use his mouth and jump up when he is over excited or anxious but is learning to be more relaxed. He loves playing with toys and is learning how to bring tennis balls back, and he knows sit, wait and drop.

Jet is vocal towards other dogs when he sees them out walking and also gets quite over excited when he meets them. He needs support and guidance in these areas, and will benefit from being walked in quieter places where there are not many other dogs.

Jet is looking for experienced owners, with an appreciation of the Lurcher breed, and a home without any children or other pets. He needs direction and activities to keep him busy, but he is hugely loving and really quite comical, and in the right home is sure to develop into a brilliant dog.

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