How to teach your dog to watch – Transcript

Hi I'm Adele and I'm a Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor here at Battersea 

Today we're going to learn how to teach your dog a 'Watch' 

A 'Watch' is a great way to get your dog's attention as it will prompt them to look up at you and maintain eye contact when asked 

This can be useful when out and about, especially if you have a dog that gets easily distracted  

Teaching a 'Watch' from scratch is a really good way to help build your dog's confidence and help make your bond stronger 

Start this training indoors and away from distractions using any small tasty treats that motivate your dog 

Show your dog the treat and hold it out to the side at arm's length 

The moment they stop looking at it and make eye contact with you say 'Yes' and reward immediately  

Keep practicing this until your dog consistently makes eye contact with you when you produce the treat 

Once your dog is reliably giving you eye contact you can introduce your voice cue 

Say 'Watch me' and hold the treat out to the side 

Then just like before as soon as they give you eye contact 

Say 'Yes' and reward them immediately  

Next we're going to slowly increase the amount of time your dog can hold eye contact 

Start by counting one second and reward your dog if they can maintain eye contact 

Once they can do this successfully five times increase a second at a time until they reach five seconds 

If your dog's looking away before you finish counting you may have progressed too quickly so go back to practicing for a shorter time 

With practice you'll find that your dog will look at you when you say 'Watch me' 

Once they start to do this you can remove the arm signal completely  

As with all training once you've mastered this in a quiet environment you can start to build this up around distractions 

You may need to initially reward your dog more quickly and build up the time again now that you're training in a new place 

That's how you teach your dog a 'Watch'  

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