Dog care advice

From microchipping to insurance, our experts take you through the key things every dog owner should do to care for their canine companions.

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Dog care Dog care

​The golden rules to being a great dog owner

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Summer dog care Summer dog care

10 tips to keeping your dog safe during the summer months

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Stressed dog care Stressed dog care

How to recognise and reduce stress in your dog

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Dog microchipping Dog microchipping

All about microchipping your dog

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Dog insurance Dog insurance

Help guard against unexpected veterinary fees

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Toxic food for dogs Toxic food for dogs

Learn which nine foods to avoid around your dog

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Housetraining Housetraining

Simple steps to housetrain your dog

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​Dogs and fireworks ​Dogs and fireworks

Tips on how to help your dog stay safe during fireworks season

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Winter dog care Winter dog care

10 tips to keeping your dog safe during the winter months

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