Ergo bristle pad

The Ancol Ergo Bristle Palm Pad is a grooming tool that feels natural and comfortable to use while being gentle on your dog's coat and skin. The strap affixes the pad to the palm, meaning your pet is groomed with a simple stroking action, ideal for pets that are nervous about grooming. The soft bristles on the pad remove loose hair and smooth the coat. This palm pad is also useful to smooth long coats after they have been groomed with a moulting comb or slicker. Grooming your pet helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and is an important way of bonding with them.
• Designed to disperse natural oils from the base of your dog's coat
• Constitutes a non slip strap to keep the pad securely in place whilst grooming
• Designed to be easy to use
• Great for all coats
• Helps to clean the coat giving it shine.
• Suitable to use as a finishing brush on longer coats