Rosie and Ronnie's Story

When animals come to rescue centres like Battersea they receive all the different kinds of love and care that they need. For some rescue animals, that includes sharing their spark with some of our fantastic foster carers. Ronnie went to stay with Battersea staff member Rosie during the first COVID-19 lockdown in England in 2020. We chatted to Rosie to get the inside scoop on this top dog.


Ronnie was so nervous when he first arrived, which is only natural! It took him a while to get used to his new surroundings and to begin with he would follow us around for reassurance. Over time though, with some gentle encouragement, a routine, lots of attention, and support from Battersea staff, he relaxed and became a lot more comfortable. Once he felt more settled, the rest of his lovable personality came out almost overnight.

Ronnie with his Tennis Ball


2020 was such a hard year for us all, but being able to foster Ronnie during the first lockdown really helped with those tough days. I completely fell in love with him, and with being a foster carer! Ronnie gave me a sense of purpose, as well as lots of cuddles and licks. He was such a character and really became part of the family whilst he was here; he joined in on Zoom calls, loved watching films, and gave me a reason to get out and explore new parks and walking routes. He even celebrated my birthday with me!

Battersea were great too, they provided everything Ronnie needed to be comfortable here, from food, to a cosy bed and endless tennis balls – which are Ronnie’s favourite thing in the world! The clinic team was always on hand to advise and check in on him and I also received some training advice to help Ronnie get used to his new environment and settle himself.

Rosie and Ronnie at the Park

Even though I was Ronnie’s foster carer and I looked after him at home, it wasn’t just me caring for him, there was a whole team of different people supporting me with the aim of ensuring Ronnie was happy and healthy.
Rosie, Battersea Foster Carer


There are so many! Ronnie is at his happiest around people. He likes to give you lots of licks and was very good at squeezing into very small spaces between us on the sofa to be as close to us as possible. Equally, he loved getting out for walks and having a good sniff of absolutely everything in sight, especially because he knew it meant coming home to lots of strokes and a well-deserved snooze.

Another of Ronnie’s quirks is that he absolutely loves tennis balls. He didn’t really chase them like other dogs, but preferred to keep them close to him; we would often find him tucked up in bed with four or five at a time! He liked to carry them on his walks, and would always round up at least one to keep close by whilst he was snoozing.

As well as all the wonderful things about Ronnie, when the time came, hearing all about his new home and knowing how happy he was going to be there was also a really special moment. I know he’ll be bringing his lovely new family so much joy and happiness, and lots and lots of tennis balls!


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