Staffies. They're softer than you think.

All Staffie lovers know this brilliant breed doesn't deserve their reputation for being aggressive. Our campaign looks to address these misperceptions and show the truly loving nature of the soft Staffie breed.

As we continue to champion the Staffie breed and encourage more people to rescue homeless Staffies, you can help us to stand up for Staffies too.

How you can stand up for Staffies

Join us

We’ll never tire of celebrating your happy Staffies either, so join us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #SofterThanYouThink and help us to champion the breed.

Knit a Staffie

Make your own lovable Staffie and help us to spread the word about Staffies being soft. Purchase the pattern from our online shop for £2. Once purchased, the full knitting pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF.

When you have finished creating your knitted Staffie, please name it, take some snaps and email them to us or share them through Facebook or Twitter using #SofterThanYouThink.

Meet our Staffies

Meet our current super Staffies patiently waiting in our kennels to find new homes.