Keep up the great work

Keep going, you’re almost there! The money you raise by taking part in the Muddy Dog Trek will go towards the running of Battersea and the care of our dogs and cats. To get even closer to your target, why not try these fundraising ideas with your friends and family to encourage more donations?

Keep up the great work

Try these fundraising ideas

Online to offline Pup quiz

Get everyone together for a pup quiz! Use our questions or make up your own about Battersea to inspire your friends to donate.

Download quiz
Happy Birthday Sweepstake

Set up a sweepstake at work and split the money between Battersea and the winner. When you win, so do our dogs and cats.

Bake sale Collection box

Put a collection box in the kitchen or by your desk to Fill out our online form and we'll send you a collection tin in the post.

Request a box