Keep up the great work

Keep up the great work

Keep going, you’re almost there! The money you raise by taking part in your challenge will go towards the running of Battersea and the care of our dogs and cats. To get even closer to your target, why not try these fundraising ideas with your friends and family to encourage more donations?

Online to offline Online to offline

Shake things up! If you've been raising money online and haven’t already done so, print out a sponsorship form for the people who prefer to donate the old fashioned way.

Sponsorship form
Bake sale Collection box

Put a collection box in the kitchen at work or by your desk. Fill out our online form and we'll send you a box in the post.

Request a box
Happy Birthday Treat bags

Follow our homemade cat or dog treats recipe and create treat bags for your supporters to buy. They’re sure to go down well with your furry friends.

Homemade cat treats recipe
Homemade dog treats recipe