Community Rehoming Volunteer (Cats)

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    Home based
  • Department:Battersea Communities
  • Posts available:5
  • Salary:£0
  • Full/Part time:Volunteer
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  • Closing date:Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Community Rehoming Volunteers provide an additional way for Battersea to help more cats in their journey to reach their new home. By looking after Battersea cats in their home, a Community Rehoming Volunteer helps them by providing for their welfare needs, creating new rehoming opportunities where Battersea’s current centres pose a barrier e.g. travel, opening hours etc, and spreading the word about rehoming in their local community.

This role is suitable for people who are interested in both caring for cats that are available for rehoming and helping them find homes in their communities through attending Battersea events and speaking to potential customers.

We are looking for individuals who:

  • live in Guildford or the close surrounding areas
  • if they have children, are aged 8 or over
  • have a spare room in their house
  • have availability during evenings and weekends to support rehoming appointments
  • have no other cats or dogs in their home
  • have access to a vehicle

What would I be doing?

  • Providing temporary shelter to a Battersea cat in your home and looking after its welfare needs (all food and equipment will be provided by Battersea) until it finds a loving home
  • Monitoring the cat’s health and behaviour and providing regular reports to Battersea. In some cases, members of Battersea staff may want to visit the cat in your home.
  • Following any Battersea Care Plans in place for the cat
  • Providing photos and videos of the cat to support their rehoming
  • Playing a key role in finding a home for the cat in your care e.g. attending organised events to promote rehoming, sharing social media posts, talking to members of the public about the cat in your care, displaying rehoming flyers in suitable locations in your local community, completing customer registrations for individuals interested in rehoming.
  • Actively promoting Battersea and its key educational messages in your local community
  • Welcoming prospective new owners into your home, sometimes at short notice, to meet the cat and learn more about their care. Members of the public would always be accompanied by a member of Battersea’s staff.
  • Supporting the rehoming process as required by the Animal Network Officer
  • There may be the occasional need to transport the cat in your care to a local vet practice or Battersea centre for veterinary attention

What skills would be useful?

  • Experience with looking after cats would be beneficial. However, a willingness to listen to advice and follow care plans is most important.
  • Capable of writing observations and keeping accurate records
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Confidence in meeting and communicating with a wide range of people
  • Open mindedness and a willingness to follow instructions and training
  • Ability to use a computer, tablet or smartphone and comfortable with using social media
  • Confident with taking photographs and or videos with a camera/smartphone
  • Flexibility and a willingness to take on animals or be available for rehoming appointments, sometimes at short notice and likely at weekends or during evenings
  • Emotional resilience

What training and support will I get?

  • An induction about the work of Battersea, and its policies and processes that are relevant to your role, such as rehoming
  • Training on general cat behaviour and how to care for a cat in your home, including Battersea’s feline welfare and stress management procedures
  • Ongoing support from the Animal Network Officer and Communities Manager
  • Battersea branded uniform if you will be supporting any local events
  • Support to act as an ambassador for Battersea in your community
  • Regular updates on the work of Battersea in your community
  • References provided by Battersea where appropriate

Who would be my main contact at Battersea?

Your main point of contact would be the Animal Network Officer (Guildford).

How do I apply for this role?

Please complete the relevant application form. Once we have received a completed application form, we will contact you for an informal chat and to answer any questions you may have. We will then ask you to provide a video of your home environment so we can check it is safe for our animals. We will then invite you to attend an induction session.