Working cats looking for rural homes

08 JUNE 2017

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is appealing to landowners, farmers, stables, garden centres, and rural homes with outbuildings to come forward to help provide a safe home for cats that wouldn’t be able to cope in a traditional pet home.

Please note, these cats are not featured on our website. If you are interested in rehoming a working cat please email or call our team on 0207 6277886.

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Working cats need homes on farms and other rural locations

Hundreds of cats that are not well socialised to people come through our gates every year. These cats are so used to fending for themselves they’re not well suited to being a traditional pet.

Rural homes, including farms and stables, can make a good alternative for these cats as it gives them the space they need to roam, hunt, and exhibit their natural behaviour. It also gives them the choice and control over how they live their lives, whilst providing a safe environment for them to live in.

It also means they have their own territory with shelter and a food source without the stressful confines of sharing a home with people.

Can you help our working cats?

During their first week, all you need to provide is a secure, sheltered area for the cat to settle in. We will deliver your new cat to you, help to settle it in and provide the cat with a cosy sleeping area, blankets, bowls, and a starter supply of food and litter tray facilities for when the cat is settling in.

On an on-going basis your cat will need access to shelter and a daily supply of food and water.

Our team will be on hand to give you all the help and advice you’ll need.

If you think you can provide a home for one our working cats, please email or call our team on 0207 6277886.

Nugget, Chip and Cogs love life on the farm

Three young cats who were brought into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in January 2017 didn’t have to wait too long to find a new home.

Nugget was brought into Battersea at six-months old after neighbours found her wandering in their garden for a few weeks. Chip and Cogs were both brought into the Home at four-months old as the owner couldn’t look after the litter their cat had just given birth to.

All three cats had been quite nervous of people but showed signs of wanting to play, and would seek some human companionship from time to time. Our expert staff assessed each cat individually and found that they would suit a more rural landscape for a home where they had the freedom to go about as they pleased without worry, but still had people around them should they want human company.

Luckily, all three kittens found a spacious new home in Surrey where they have since settled into life at a riding school with horses and people for company. They’re all very inquisitive and learning the ropes of being a farm cat. Nugget especially has blossomed into a very friendly cat and even likes a fuss now and then.

The same Surrey riding school is now home to seven former Battersea cats all enjoying the country life. 

Rehome a working cat

If you think you can provide a home for one our working cats please get in touch.

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